Three Complete Novels of Romantic Suspense...

Trust Me Once
After burying her father, a lawyer returns home to the wealth and glitter of Newport to find she has been ‘murdered’. Her only friend and mentor has been arrested for the crime, and no one can be trusted…not even the police. A chance encounter with a tarnished movie star offers a glimmer of hope, but he too has dangerous secrets. So where, as killers hunt her, can she find someone to trust? 

Twice Burned
A woman returns home to a place of scandal and death to save a brother accused of murder. But he knows secrets that the townspeople want buried. She needs an ally, now more than ever. But she cannot fully trust a neighbor she is deeply attracted to. Still, the fuse has been lit, and the bright fires of truth are about to blow a small town wide open in a blaze of deadly retribution. 

Fourth Victim
Two decades ago, the mass suicide of the members of a cult shocked the nation. Miraculously, four people – one adult and three children – managed to get away safely. Now, one of those survivors has a child of her own, but the peaceful lakeside inn will give her no protection against the ghosts of the past. As a web tightens around her, it appears that none will escape the tragedy that took so many innocent lives.


More than 1000 spine-tingling pages of award-winning suspense, tangled mystery, and lightning-paced action.

Road Kill

A photographer returns home after doing time for a crime she didn't commit. She just wants her life back, but a vengeful killer has other ideas.

Puppet Master

Four desperate people have reached the point of no return, only to be snatched back to safety by an unknown hand. But what price are they willing to pay?

Cross Wired

To save her son, a mother must help a wounded Secret Service agent search out long-buried secrets in a world of corporate greed and sudden death.

Three complete novels that will take you from the deceptively quiet streets of small town America to the bustling bazaars and alleyways of ancient Istanbul...


More than 500,000 copies sold. International, award-winning bestseller. 

Blind Eye
In a story of political intrigue and corporate greed, the sole survivor of an attack on a nuclear test facility must rely on the help of her long-lost twin and a wounded war veteran to stop a disaster that could trigger Armageddon.

Silent Waters
On the eve of a presidential election, a female shipbuilder and a discredited Navy commander must fight a crew of terrorists aboard a hijacked submarine armed with enough weapons to level every city from New York to Chicago.

The Janus Effect
As a biochemical plague rages across the U.S., a desperate Homeland Security agent must help a Kurdish scientist find her way through war-ravaged land, for the answer lies at the end of her journey home.

From a secret research facility in New Mexico to the wilds of Kurdistan in Iraq to troubled waters around New York City, these thrillers will keep you on the edge of your seat.