The Janus Effect


Peace and War, Friend and Foe, Life and Death… A Perilous Journey Home!

Fahimah Banaz has been wrongly held in a CIA “black site” for over five years. Now, as cases of unexplained deaths—marked by rapid decomposition—are cropping up across the U.S., Homeland Security is willing to bend any rule to find the source of the deadly infection, even if it means resurrecting a "dead" Iraqi biochemist. Fahimah’s sister risked her life trying to destroy the super-microbe that causes the flesh-eating disease. Fahimah tried, too, but landed in prison. 
Austyn Newman was sent to gain the cooperation of the scientist. Arriving in Afghanistan, he recognizes that the CIA has been holding the wrong sister all these years. They need her, but how will he gain her trust? 
With time running out, Austyn must help Fahimah find her way through war-ravaged Iraq and Kurdistan…for the answer lies at the end of her journey home.

Winner: Connecticut Press Club — Best Book of the Year: Adult Fiction

“Out of a wasteland of indiscriminate death and destruction begins The Janus Effect, one of the strongest novels I have ever read. Utilizing strong research, close ties with the people of Kurdistan, and a depth of personal compassion that is unmatched, Nikoo & Jim McGoldrick, writing as Jan Coffey, have written a novel that deserves to be on every person’s reading list. And yes, you really should read it, not just let it sit there and look pretty on the shelf.”

Previously published as Deadliest Strain

Read the alternate Ending...TWO ADDITIONAL CHAPTERS!

We finished The Janus Effect with two endings in mind...Check it out!