The Puppet Master

Four seemingly disparate lives are beginning to unravel...and one person is holding the strings.

The Rocket Scientist

On the eve of a new satellite launch, the fiancé of NASA project manager Alanna Mendes is apparently killed in a fishing accident...only to be spotted six months later in Silicon Valley.

The Computer Genius

Four years after being caught by Homeland Security hacking into NASA's mainframe computer, Jay Alexei is still blacklisted from the top colleges and computer companies. Now a changed man, he is desperate for a second chance.

The Financial Wizard

Once a successful international banking CFO, today David Collier is a broken man who can't afford the expensive treatment for his daughter's rare kidney disorder.

The American Dream

When a terrorist group abducts the son of rags-to-riches tech mogul Steven Galvin, the billionaire is trapped in a nightmare where no amount of money can help him.

This is a fast-paced action-packed morality play that grips the audience from the moment the offer is first made and never slows down.
This book is an amazing example of the quality artistry that is Jan Coffey’s work! It is very much a journey through the mind of mastermind.

Many people write to us and ask where we get our ideas for our stories. To answer a difficult question simply, our novels are all about characters. And the characters in our stories come to us from real life. A headline from the news, a whisper from some forgotten history, a face in an airport or train station, a name from a gravestone. We weave and twist together qualities and flaws and hopes and fears until a new character is formed. And then another. We put them on the page, and they begin to breathe. And a story is born. That’s all there is.
The idea for The Puppet Master came to us from characters who exist in a moment of desperation. Most of us have been there at one time or another. A sickness in the family. A financial hardship. A love lost. A mistake in life that could ruin an entire future. And then, of course, the desperation of one of those characters evolves into a desire for revenge.
How many of us are capable of going through with a scheme calculated to exact so terrible a vengeance? And if we are, how many of us would find any sense of satisfaction in the end?
This question is for you to answer. It might be the birth of your story!