Triple Threat

Countdown to the Fourth of July…

Just weeks before Independence Day, the President is targeted for assassination by a powerful financial cartel that is making plans to rip off the American dream.

Only two people stand between a national disaster and a glorious celebration…and time is running out.

A treasured Betsy Ross flag is missing, and FBI Special Agent Nate Murtaugh has just ten days to find it. His search takes him to the Philadelphia art world—and Ellie Littlefield. Daughter of a notorious art forger, she is a savvy dealer of American antiquities. Ellie has connections in the art underworld and Murtaugh will go to any lengths to get her to help him.

As the countdown to Independence Day ticks away, Ellie and Nate must navigate a world where truth and lies are hard to separate, where murder is just a way of doing business and where corporate power brokers refuse to let anyone—even the US President—stand in the way of profits.

“...a swift, absorbing tale, complete with fully formed characters and playful romantic banter. With its patriotic tenor and intricate conspiracy plot line, this offering is certain to light a fire under readers.” – Publishers Weekly

” absolute spellbinder...absolutely super!” – Betty Cox,

” paced suspense....A compelling read, perfect for the summer or any other time of year.” – Compuserve Review

”...a tumultuous ride of theft, murder, political intrigue, acceptance and love in the world of arts and antiques.” – Winona Cross,

”, riveting romantic suspense that is full of excitement, plot twists and thrills. Superbly plotted, filled with interesting, complex, likable characters, the book draws the reader in and doesn’t let go.” – Joanne Holbrook,