Trust Me Once

A woman runs through the glittering streets of Newport with killers on her trail.

She needs help. She needs someone she can trust...

Attorney Sarah Rand returns home from abroad to discover that she is a dead woman. In shocked disbelief she realizes the murder victim mistakenly identified as her was really her best friend. No one knows that Sarah is still alive—except the killers still hunting her down.

Alone and on the run, Sarah desperately searches for answers. Why has her boss and mentor, a prominent local judge, been arrested for the crime? What does she have or know that’s worth killing for? And what are the most powerful people in exclusive Newport—a senator, a dying professor and his embittered wife, a top-notch security expert and a cadre of criminals—determined to hide. 

With danger closing in, Sarah must turn to a man she barely knows—Owen Dean, a Hollywood celebrity with dark secrets of his own...


“Fantastic! A nail-biting, page turning thriller with the most charming romance thrown in! Definitely a keeper!” – Maureen M. Carmen, The Philadelphia Inquirer

”With enough twists and turns to keep you guessing from beginning to end. Jan Coffey will delight.” – Romantic Times Magazine

”Every page is filled with nonstop action and suspense. Jan Coffey was born to write Mystery Thrillers! Mary Higgins Clark fans need to take a good long look at this!” – Huntress Book Reviews

”...exciting romantic suspense drama that starts at supersonic speed and goes even faster with enough twists and turns to keep the reader guessing.” – Harriet Klausner

”Wow! All I can say is don’t miss this new romantic suspense. A magnificent spellbinder. Simply fabulous! Bravo!” – Suzanne Coleburn, The Belles and Beaux of Romance