Young adult Adventure and Fantasy...International Intrigue, romance, and Aruba!

Tropical Kiss

Tropical Kiss

A summer in Aruba, on the beach, in the sun–what else could a girl want? Summer romance, of course!

 Imagine spending your entire summer vacation on the beautiful island of Aruba. Who could ask for anything more? Well, for Morgan Callahan,  spending her entire summer in Aruba with the father, she hardly knows, is barely anything to look forward to. In fact, she is dreading the next few months.

Nonetheless, she is in for the time of her life! From secret operatives to finding romance. Morgan is in for some international  intrigue!

This breezy romance captures the ups and downs of teenage emotions without burdening readers with heavy drama. The setting is beautifully but simply described, the plot moves swiftly, the romance is just this side of hot, and the danger is scary. Suggest this to teens looking for a fun beach read.
- School Library Journal